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How it Works

Save cost while creating memorable events


Pay per usage

Pay per event or attendees, depending upon your package


No hidden costs

Unlike other event management software, there are no hidden costs


Eliminate printing cost

Save money by embracing technology to save printing costs


Generate sponsorship opportunities

Turn events into revenue a generator by creating sponsorship opportunities

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Our Features

Many events with one comprehensive software


Track registrations with online event registration app


Effortlessly retrieve leads and follow up after events and trade shows


Accurately match buyers with sellers to boost engagement


Build beautiful websites customized to your event theme

What we offer

End-to-end system that automates event planning

Our leading event management software saves time and automates all your manual tasks associated with organizing a stellar event. With features like event registration, budget management, mobile apps, lead capture, onsite check-in and badging, attendee tracking and robust reporting, we allow you to increase efficiency and focus on other important aspects of your event such as attendee engagement.

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What we offer

Why choose EventBrew

EventBrew is a flexible event management software that caters to needs of all events irrespective of their size and industry. The suite of features increases efficiency, boost productivity and save printing costs. In the age when data privacy and security are taking the center stage, we ensure that your event is compliant to regulations such as GDPR and all the data seamlessly integrates with CRM systems to manage your post-event activities.

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EventBrew is a one stop shop for event planning needs. It has increased my team’s efficiency and helped us plan a stellar conference recently. I strongly recommend using it if you want to keep your event stakeholders happy and attendees engaged.


Eddie Ryan

Vice President, Havase Events

EventBrew is my favorite event management platform for it helps me plan all my events, irrespective of their type and size. It frees up my time, which I then use in brainstorming on ways to increase engagement and value for my attendees.


Susan Rich

Event Director

Events are not just about one day. It is about bringing together like minded people to share ideas and network with each other. All this is and a lot more is possible with EventBrew event management software. It has helped us build a community of event attendees and has kept the conversation alive even after the event was over.


Mikal Dolla

Marketing Director




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